Security Breaches Leave Millions Vulnerable

Sounds pretty bad, eh?  Well that’s the fact of today’s world where every so often you hear about another big company’s security being breached and their data getting leaked out to hackers.  Usernames, passwords, social security numbers, birthdates… all identifiable information has been leaked from multiple different companies’ databases.  How close does that leave you from having your identity stolen?  It’s almost a matter of time… or is it?  Isn’t there anything you can do about it?

Yes, there is!  There are tools that can help you protect yourself from… well yourself.  What do I mean?  See, the problem is that most people use the same passwords for multiple accounts, don’t change their passwords frequently enough, and don’t use secure passwords.  Not you?  Well I bet you’re guilty of at least one of these faults.  We all are, and that’s because managing all those passwords is hard work!  Luckily the password manager LastPass is here to help.  Yes, LastPass, as in the Last Password you will have to remember.

I’ve been using LastPass for over a year now, and it has saved me tons of headache.  I never worry about having to create another password that I’ll have to remember, because I don’t.  LastPass creates them for me and remembers them for me too!  In fact, it even performs a security analysis and tells me if any of the usernames in my vault have been involved in any known security breaches.  It tells me if any of my passwords are insecure and when they were last updated.  It helps me update passwords automatically without me having to do anything except tell it what sites to update.  That comes in really handy when it advises me to change compromised, weak, reused, and old passwords.

The best thing about LastPass is that it is free to use with your PC/laptop browser.  If you want to use it for your mobile devices, then it is just one dollar a month for the LastPass Premium.  Create your account here and get a month of LastPass Premium for FREE.